Our Jets

Light Jets

Light jets are ideal for short-haul distances or up to a maximum of three hours of flight time. These can use shorter runways and fly into areas that are often inaccessible to commercial airlines. These jets typically accommodate four to seven passengers and carry a reasonable amount of luggage, but they have no room for a cabin attendant.

Midsize Jets

Mid-size private jets are the optimum choice for travelers who require longer flight capacity. With an average range of 2,200 nautical miles – or around five hours of non-stop travel – mid-size jets can easily manage short-haul and long-haul flights, ensuring transcontinental capacity. Because it comes with a bigger cabin, it is ideal for passengers who want more headroom, full standing capacity and additional space for luggage. Mid-size jets also offer more stylish interiors and can provide utmost comfort and convenience for five to ten passengers.

Super Midsize Jets

Our super-midsize jets can add to your travel range by 500 statute miles for up to 9 passengers. These are an excellent option for flights up to 7:45 hours. Not to mention the private plane’s stylish interiors and luxorious comforts of home.

Heavy Jets

First-class seats, more spacious legroom, and pull-out tabletops are just a few of the upgrades that heavy jets show to elite travelers. Standard heavy jets can easily accommodate two flight attendants to manage full in-flight catering, while still having more than enough space for entertainment facilities, enclosed bathrooms and dedicated sleeping areas. In-flight productivity is guaranteed with convenient Wi-Fi and phone capabilities.