About Us

Why Choose Stark Airways As Your Provider?

As a leading private jet charter company with decades of experience in the industry, we offer private, business, and medical charter services at competitive prices. Thousands of passengers have trusted us over the years to get them where they needed to be and to get them there comfortably and safely.

What We Do

We give you the ability to travel much faster and spend more time enjoying the places you visit rather than waiting in lines at airports or sitting on a plane for hours.

Who We Are

Since the 1970’s, Stark Airways LLC has provided executive aircraft travel at the Akron-Canton Airport. Originally a corporate flight department, Executive Aircraft Services, obtained their first Air Carrier Certificate in the 1980’s and began offering charter services to local clients. In the early 2000’s Executive Air Services expanded operations to include international destinations and was rebranded as Stark Airways. Today we operate a PC12, Hawker, and Falcon aircraft.